IS THERE A SIMPLER WAY TO DO THIS? We have an idea that it could be. With Honesty Play you can start producing quality entertainment for your brand without switching agencies, without going through a huge and tedious pitch process and without the massive consequences of choosing the wrong agency in terms of wasted time, money, and market opportunity.

In the spirit of agile development we instead create a story for you within days, start writing scripts, start producing in our in-house studio, and test real material on real online audiences to see if it flies. We can then quickly make adjustments and adapt the content in line with the response we see in your audience and your current communication needs.

Build, measure, learn is at the heart of Honesty's agile-inspired framework.

If for whatever reason you don't want to continue producing your content you simply stop paying and we stop producing. Just like your favorite streaming service in other words. Could it be that simple? We think it could!